Saint Anthony-Onuphrius of Suprasl Monastery in Poland, Monk-Martyr in Thessalonica (Greece), from Lithuania (+1516)


Suprasl, Poland


The Monastery of the Annunciation in Supraśl, Poland


St Anthony-Onuphrius of Suprasl, Poland

& St Theodosius of Kiev Monstery in Ukraine


Saint Anthony-Onuphrius of Suprasl Monastery in Poland,

Monk-Martyr in Thessalonica (Greece), from Lithuania (+1516)

February 4

Anthony of Supraśl (Polish: Antoni Supraski) was a Ruthenian monk and martyr, now venerated in the Polish Orthodox Church.
Anthony was born on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into an Orthodox family, although his social status and lay name remain unknown. According to tradition, in his youth he was known for his angry character, having eventually killed a man in a bar brawl. Wishing to atone for sin, he entered the Supraśl Orthodox Monastery some time before 1506, where he received the name Anthony.

Considering his penance insufficient, Anthony asked the abbot for permission to go to a Muslim country, where he might receive martyrdom, which was then refused. Anthony had only received permission to go to Mount Athos, where he made his vows of Great Schema and took the name Onuphrius. He then went to Thessalonica, into the Church of the Theotokos Acheiropoietos, which had been converted into a mosque, and began to pray demonstratively. He was arrested and thrown into prison, demanded by the kadi to convert to Islam, which he consistently refused while attacking the religion. Finally, he was sentenced to be burned at the stake. Going to the place of execution, Anthony continued to denounce Islam, and even spat on the face of one of the guards. At this point, he was fatally hit by a club. His body was burned.




The Monastery of the Annunciation in Supraśl, also known as the Supraśl Lavra is a monastery in North Eastern Poland in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Today it belongs to the autocephalous Polish Orthodox Church and is one of six Orthodox Christian men’s monasteries in Poland.




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